Just The Facts


  1. Who and where we serve—the numbers and the nations:
    1. Where We Serve – 16 countries and 18 locations
    2. Highlands Belgium: In January 2016, Brian & Jennie Humann took over as Executive Directors of Impact Youth Worldwide’s ministry in Belgium, the Highlands Belgium in Thieusies. They are working with Camp Director Jonathan and Fiveth Sanchez, who because of their great work in Mexico, were asked to come be a part of the new work being done in Belgium! This nearly 500 year old castle is nestled in over 35 acres of parkland and will be home to evangelistic youth events and discipleship ministry to European youth and college age.
    3. Who Serves With Us: To fulfill our ministry goals, we must recruit volunteers to serve. We hope to find individuals and teams who will commit to a minimum of 1-2 weeks for up to the entire summer. They will join our ministry team on the ground. In addition to serving on a “where needed” basis regarding the facilities; these individuals are especially needed as part of the staff who will commit to prayer, training, worship and bible study team members, group mentors, and most importantly, biblical-based leadership to each youth they interact with.
    4. How We Serve: Youth Event Structure: Each youth event is between 2 – 6 days, most involving overnight accommodations, enabling us to have time with each individual and make a lasting impact. Other youth organizations serve more young people but with very short events. Because our events are for multiple days, friendships are built and Biblical foundations are laid so that the time for individual ministry and number of corporate worship opportunities each person receives is significant.

Though each event is unique, the basic structure is:

  1. Focus: Evangelistic, Discipleship, Arts, Youth as Leaders Training, Training Adult Youth Ministers, Combined Youth & Adult Missions/Service Opportunities
  2. Teaching: Morning foundational teaching, often illustrated through the arts, typically breaking up corporate teaching into small group discussion time.
  3. Recreation: Afternoon outings such as theme parks, water parks, paintball, sightseeing, biking, go-karts, laser tag, arts and crafts, are some of the events we provide after lunch.
  4. Worship: Evenings are our corporate worship time, with music led by teens & young adults.

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